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Working for Prolonged Hours at a Desk Requires an Ergonomic Desk Chair

A lot of people – pretty much every office worker out there – spend their entire working day sat behind a desk. In total, for a full-time worker, that's 7-8 hours a day for five days a week – and that's assuming you never arrive early or stay late to get something done.

There's nothing necessarily wrong with that, but the human body didn't evolve to sit around for such long periods of time and doesn't always cope well with it. In order to avoid pains, problems, and health complications, it is important to use a good-quality and specially-designed ergonomic office chair.

Potential Health Problems

The first problems you may encounter are just mild pain and discomfort. If your chair is very uncomfortable, that can happen in just a single day – though usually it only gets quite that bad with chairs which are not made for office work. Over time, however, this can turn into genuine medical conditions which are very unpleasant and require professional treatment. Problems with the spine – both in your back and in your neck – and with the shoulders can develop as a result of sitting around all day in the wrong position or without proper support for your back.

Lack of activity is also a problem with sitting behind an Office desks for the bulk of your day, and this too can lead to health issues. Cardiovascular conditions can result from not getting as much exercise in the day as you should, and from your muscles and heart simply remaining at rest for long periods.

The Role of Ergonomic Chairs

The back, neck and shoulder problems that can develop from spending hours and hours mainly stem from two things; improper sitting position and lack of adequate back support. Ergonomic office chairs have been specifically designed based on the latest expert knowledge to conquer both of these problems. They give solid, comfortable support to your back and – if you opt for a chair with a headrest or a sufficiently high-backed chair to accommodate your head – to your neck as well. They are shaped to work with the natural curve of your spine, and are generally designed to encourage a comfortable and healthy sitting position. This keeps you comfy in the short term and healthy in the long term, leaving you free to focus on your work without worrying about what it is doing to your health.

Unfortunately, ergonomic office chairs won't quite solve all of your ills. Your body still doesn't like being inactive through such a large chunk of the day, and some additional steps are needed to prevent cardiovascular illnesses. Remember to take regular breaks throughout your working hours, and consider doing some stretches or light exercise. If you find yourself faced with a really busy day and need to work through your lunch break, try to take at least part of your break in order to walk around a bit – even if you're just taking the scenic route to get a cup of tea.

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