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Wooden Breakfast Bar Stools are Back in Fashion

The world fell out of love with wooden bar stools for a while. As manufacturing technologies marched onward, it has become easier to produce cheap yet durable plastics and shiny polished chrome or stainless steel. These types of materials have taken over wood's mantle as the breakfast bar stool material of choice.

The Return of Wooden Bar Stools

However, wooden stools have now made a definite comeback. We've come to realise that wood is actually a really good material for bar stools. It is durable and interesting to look at. Furthermore, as it was one of the main materials used in an age before cheap mass production, the sight of finely polished and varnished wood on a piece of furniture carries connotations of luxury and elegance. Furthermore, it carries a hint of retro flavour and matches well with a wide range of kitchen styles, especially (though not exclusively) those with wooden units. All these factors have helped bar stools made from wood to achieve a well-deserved return to prominence within the furniture market of today.

Not Your Grandmother's Breakfast Bar Stools

But surely, those rickety, four-legged stools of a bygone era haven't made a comeback in this age of sleek, swivelling, gas-lift stools with high functionality? No, they haven't. Today's wooden bar stools are a very different breed indeed. They combine the advantages and charms of wood with the functionality and contemporary styling that other modern bar stools offer. Rather than being made entirely of wood, they tend to use wood for the seat sat upon a pedestal made from some other, complementary material such as sleek, shiny chrome. The wooden seats will be carefully and elegantly carved into curving, contemporary shapes of the kind offered by the best alternative bar stools out there, and the same modern features such as swivel action and gas lift systems will be present. In short, they combine the charms of wood with everything you would expect from a modern stool.

Bar Stools From Furniture Bay

At Furniture Bay, we provide ourselves on being at the forefront of the furniture market in all the key areas; quality, affordability and style. In this vein, we offer several affordable, high-quality and extremely stylish contemporary wooden kitchen stools. However, the exact choice of styles we offer is very diverse and there is something for just about every taste. You may prefer the gentle, elegant curves of the Java range, or the sharp, straight lines of the Eve stools. As for the wood itself, you could choose stools which have fairly large amounts of wood prominently displayed such as the Orlando and Curve ranges, or the slightly more subtle approach of the Torino and Horizon stools. All offer different styles but the same sturdy polished chrome pedestals and a range of useful features such as concealed floor protectors and high-quality gas lift systems.

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