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What your bar stool says about your bar

The décor in your bar or restaurant is just as important as the food or drink you serve and the customer service you provide. The décor is everything- from tables, lighting, wall coverings and of course bar stools. The significance of bar stools should not be underestimated, they complete a setting, making the difference between your customers coming back or going elsewhere.

There are several factors when considering which bar stools to add to your furniture. Height is important and you should look to typically have seats that are 30 inches (76.2 cm) high for use with a 40 to 42 inch (101.6 to 106.8 cm) tabletop, while counter height stools measure 24 inches (60.9 cm) for use with a 36-inch (91.4 cm) tabletop. The space between seats needs to be comfortable without being too intimate or leaving a gulf between patrons. Consider at least 26 inches to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Modern bar stools are designed for comfort and experience. You can expect seating that has both back and arms support and in some cases entirely padded. The stools are either 4 legged or as increasingly is the case, with a single pillar designed rod.  Features include ability to adjust height and swivel mechanisms. Stools are manufactured in a variety of materials so that there is something to suit all tastes and environments.

The style of stool in a bar can speak volumes about the type of establishment it is. Owners who are looking to create a chic and luxurious ambience have the option of padded real leather teemed with hand-worked brushed steel that will exude luxury and indulgence. If you are in favour of the traditional and rustic, a stool that combines wood and a metal frame is recommended. If it is a retro look you are going for, there are a range of styles finished in polished chrome with a wooden seat and faux leather padding that will provide both comfort and the wow factor.

Colour! Either go for classic patterns with clean lines or why not infuse your setting with a variety of eye catching colours? Alternatively you may be a fan of some colour popping, if so this look can be achieved simply with a vinyl seat that is attached to a warm wooden stools or a sleek metal stool.

Durability should also be key when making decisions about the design of bar stools. If your bar/restaurant is a busy one and will get consistent traffic throughout the night, your stools need to be live up to the pressure. Strong bar stools made from quality materials will say to your customers that you run a popular gig but that you can handle it.

Space has been mentioned previously, but if your bar/restaurant area is space challenged, stools can help to give an impression there being more room – a backless stool or a stool with a smaller back is ideal for this. For larger areas consider a full back or even a bucket bar stool.

Whatever look you decide to champion, we have a stool design for that very purpose!

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