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What are posture office chairs?

Posture office chairs are an important element of a healthy and comfortable working environment. However, many people are unsure what posture office chairs exactly are. Here is a brief rundown of what makes them unique, and what the key benefits are:

What are Posture Office Chairs

Posture office chairs are a particular kind of office chair which are designed to maintain a perfect posture. They are ergonomically-shaped in order to offer the ideal posture as well as plenty of support for the back, and often for the neck and head as well. Usually, the key aspect is an ergonomic back which is shaped to provide good support and an ideal spine position, but they frequently also have headrests and arm rests. Posture office chairs are available in various different types. Examples include tough, functional mesh office chairs or padded office chairs upholstered with durable synthetic fabrics or, at the more premium end of the market, with real or imitation leather.

Posture office chairs usually tend to be adjustable. This allows them to be adapted to the height of the individual people using them, as well as to aspects of the work environment such as desk height, screen position, and keyboard position. This helps every individual employee in each unique work environment to find the most comfortable and practical sitting position possible.

What are the Advantages of Posture Office Chairs?

The key advantages of posture office chairs are the level of comfort they provide, and the high degree of health and safety they maintain. Sitting for prolonged periods, which office workers frequently do, can lead to pain and discomfort if poor posture is maintained or if there is inadequate support for the back. Posture office chairs encourage ideal sitting positions while providing plenty of support, combating this problem.

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However, the results of maintaining a poor sitting position for prolonged periods go well beyond simple discomfort. This can result in a number of serious health issues and injuries, largely affecting the spine. This is especially true for office workers, who tend to sit for prolonged periods five days a week. By encouraging a healthy sitting position and providing adequate support for the spine, posture office chairs do a lot to counteract this hazard. The result is a safer working environment for employees with minimal risk of health issues developing from their day-to-day work. It is also a great help for employers in meeting their legal obligations. Employers are required by health and safety law to provide a safe working environment for their employees as far as possible, and posture chairs are about the safest option of all for employees who have to spend their working day sat behind a desk.

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