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Kitchen Stools – They're not Just for Breakfast Anymore!

Kitchen stools are also known as breakfast bar stools. The latter name is arguably the more common one, but “kitchen stools” is definitely the more appropriate name. While once they may have been most commonly used for breakfast, these highly practical items of furniture have recently become popular for a range of other uses.

Now, these stools are definitely no longer just for breakfast. They are also:

For Other Meals

The dining table once reigned supreme for most of the meals in the average day. Outside of breakfast, a breakfast bar and stools could at best expect to get a look-in for a brief snack between main meals. However, nowadays few people have the time or inclination for the stuffiness and formality of sitting down at the dining table to eat. Kitchen stools make a great, casual alternative and an ideal replacement for the modern era.

For Relaxing

The casual way in which stools provide you with seating makes them more than just a more laid-back place to sit and eat your dinner. They are ideal for simply relaxing and taking a breather when you have some spare minutes and are wandering about the house. This can even help turn your kitchen into one of your home's more social rooms, as family members wandering around the house caught up in their own thoughts are naturally drawn towards casually perching on a stool and soon end up in conversation.

For Entertaining

Stools can even leave the kitchen and be put to use when you have guests and find you don't have enough seats. They are a comfortable and useful way to provide seating for extra people when you are short on chairs, and their relaxed nature makes them ideal for parties and social occasions. They can be put to use in the living room or even outdoors on a patio, decking or other entertainment area. Alternatively, if you are serving some food buffet style on your breakfast bar, the stools can stay where they are to provide some seating for those few who will inevitably hover around the food for a while picking at occasional nibbles.

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For the Workplace

Never mind the kitchen – kitchen stools don't even have to be confined to the home. They can also make a great, valuable addition to the workplace. They are great for staff rooms and other relaxation areas. They provide are comfortable and provide an easy, pleasant kind of seating that is both casual and relaxing. This is a great way to help staff make the most of their breaks and catch their breath before plunging back into their work. This helps make staff happier through giving them pleasant and comfortable breaks, and helps them be psychologically prepared to spring back into action and really give it their best when their time out is over.

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