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Clever Ways To Create More Space In Smaller Kitchens

In several dense urban areas, tiny kitchens are a norm, which means people have to find ways to make the most out of their teeny kitchens. Kitchens are usually places where families get together to enjoy a comforting meal, a place to reheat takeout while friends are over and store bottles of wine for those romantic occasions. You can consider placing some kitchen bar stools to give it an overall visual appeal. It can sometimes be difficult to reap the multi-purpose benefits out of your kitchen therefore here are some ways to create more space in your small kitchen so that you can store your edibles properly and move around easily while cooking a meal.

1. The Need For A Worktop

There are endless images on the web of kitchens that have different kinds of worktops. Every kitchen needs a worktop where you can keep your biscuit jars, store cooking utensils or chop vegetables. Therefore, it is crucial that you select the right worktop for your kitchen. You can select from a wide variety of materials such as hardwood laminate, glass, composite and many more. But the real question is how do you select the right material? It's very simple, think about the practicality of the materials. If you have children then you are most likely looking for a material that is easy to maintain and clean. On the other hand if you enjoy cooking then heat-resistant materials such as granite are ideal.

2. Create A Breakfast Bar

You need a place where you can catch a quick breakfast and have it cleaned within minutes before leaving for work. For busy households a breakfast bar is ideal and convenient to serve day to day meals. They are also great space savers especially in homes where a separate dining area is not feasible. Breakfast bars also have multi-purpose benefits apart from having your meals you can also perform other tasks such as checking your emails, sorting bills or have the kids do their homework while you prepare dinner in the kitchen. Pair breakfast bar stools to create a chic look.

The Right Colour Scheme

Selecting the right paint colour from an infinite number of kitchen colour schemes can be a daunting as well as an exciting task. Most the time people are looking to transform their small kitchens into larger spaces. In order to do this, you need to know what paint colours can make your kitchen look bigger. White above all colours is your best friend for small kitchens as well as any large kitchen. It reflects light which improves the sense of space. You can also coordinate several shades of white with contrasting colours to keep the kitchen from looking sterile.

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4. Simplicity Is A Contributing Factor

Keeping everything at the same level, in an orderly manner the kitchen will automatically look bigger without having to perform any major alterations or renovations. Rather than using striking paint colours and uncomfortable decor it is best to keep everything simple in the kitchen so select kitchen bar stools for instance that are sleek and elegant. Not only will this make your kitchen larger but everything else will look clean and in order. Avoid using bold colours in the kitchen as this might suffocate the space.

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