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The Buyer’s Guide to Office Furniture

Whether you are kitting out a home office or looking to bulk buy the furniture for a commercial office, there are many things to consider when you set out to find the right office furniture to meet your needs. Every office is different, but to get you started we’ve made a quick checklist of the basic items that you may wish to include.


When you spend a lot of time in front of a computer it is vital that it should provide the correct ergonomic support to your muscles, joints and spine. Not only will this provide short term comfort, but it can also help to prevent future injuries and absence. From standard desk chairs to executive recliners, your office chairs should be made of the highest quality materials and are not an area to skimp on.


Whether you’re looking for a space-saving corner office desk or an impressive boardroom table, desks are a must have item for any office environment. Circular tables can help to encourage open and informal discussions, while long tables can maximise the number of delegates that you can seat in a conference. If you’re trying to calculate your capacity for computer desks, you should aim to fit in no more than 1 desk per 5m2 to allow your staff adequate room to carry out their work in comfort.

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Storage & Shelving

Even in the digital age, the vast majority of office work involves a certain amount of paperwork and stationery. Without the right storage facilities your work space could quickly become cluttered and disorganised, which can hinder your productivity and lead to mistakes and oversights. Whether you require filing cabinets for your papers or shelving for your books, there is a huge range of choice to suit any shape or size.

Here at Furniture Bay we offer a range of high quality ergonomic office chairs that will complete the look of your office and provide you with many years of comfort and functionality. Take a look around our website to find out more about our products, or contact us today with any questions.

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