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Breakfast Bar Stools Make the Kitchen the Social Hub of Every Home

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, but it isn't normally one of the most social. Rather, it's a place where whoever happens to be doing the cooking gets stressed or where all members of the family buzz through quickly whenever they get peckish and grab a snack in a hurry. It's a utilitarian room where people do what they need to do and then leave.

It can be surprising how much the addition of breakfast bar stools can do to change these habits. There are several reasons that adding breakfast bar stools can turn the kitchen into a home's social hub, and increase interactions between members of the household.

Why the Kitchen?

Many people might wonder why the kitchen would be chosen as a room that should become the major social venue of the home. On the face of it, this might seem like an odd suggestion to some.

The answer is that, when you think about it, the kitchen is surprisingly well-suited to this purpose. In theory, the living room should be the home's big social area, but this doesn't always work out. Many younger family members in particular prefer to hang out in their own bedrooms. The kitchen, on the other hand, is a room that everyone uses willingly and regularly – usually the only room that fits this description without serious privacy concerns. Encouraging your family to interact and hang around together in the kitchen instead of just dashing in for food can therefore do a lot to increase sociability.

Adding a Place to Sit

The simplest way in which breakfast bar stools encourage a more sociable approach to the kitchen is simply by adding a place to sit. When hungry people are dashing off to eat whatever snack they have just retrieved from the fridge, having a breakfast bar stool close at hand can encourage them to just sit there and tuck in.

When multiple family members meat in the kitchen, this means they tend to hang around together instead of dashing off their separate ways keen to tuck into their spoils. The result is a more sociable home, in which family members spend more time talking and being sociable. If there are enough stools for everyone, this can even extend to formal mealtimes.

A More Casual Approach

Some kitchens already have a place to sit, as many homes built over the past several decades have combined kitchen and dining rooms. Even in these cases, however, busy modern lifestyles mean that few families actually sit down at a table for formal mealtimes together. Often, they either sit in front of the TV or eat separately.

Breakfast bar stools are a more casual way to sit – almost perching rather than sitting. People are often more likely to favour them rather than the formality of a dining table when it comes to sitting down with a snack or hovering casually around the house.

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