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5 Things To Consider When Shopping For The Perfect Bar Stool

Understanding the ins and outs when it comes to choosing the perfect breakfast bar stools for your home makes a huge difference indeed.  If you are buying kitchen stools for the first time, this article outlines some important things to factor in so you can make the best decision possible for your particular needs.  Knowing what height and fabric in addition to how many breakfast bar stools can fit your particular area can save you a great deal of worry and hassle down the road.   Therefore, before you dash off to the stores and enjoy the wonderful experience of purchasing new kitchen stools for your home, take the following guidelines into consideration.

1. Height

The standard range for height for a bar stool is usually a 26" or a 30."  If your kitchen counter is about 36" high, you will require a 24 or 26 inch kitchen stool.  For breakfast bar stools, it also depends on the counter height where you plan to use them.  Most standard kitchen counters are 35-37 inches high.   You will find that 30" bar stools are normally utilized for a raised eating surface in the 40 to 42 inch height range.  If your home eating area is slightly more elevated than others, a 30" stool is probably your best bet.

2. To choose arms or armless, back or backless

For breakfast bar stools, the popular choice is armless or backless.  However, if you plan to use your kitchen stools in other areas of the home like the games room or real bar space, you should consider arms and backs to increase comfort and decrease stress on your back and shoulders.  Backless kitchen stools are terrific when you need occasional extra seating or in situations where you don't want to obstruct a view with tall backs, especially if you are shooting for a more open floor plan.

3. Quantity

Depending on your particular space, you have to figure out the right number of breakfast bar stools or kitchen stools that make sense for the area.  Most newer homes and apartments with a raised counter are built to accommodate about three stools.  Also consider if you will need more for your guests should you like to entertain on a regular basis.

4. Metal vs Wood

Why not conduct a family poll and see which wins, surely interesting indeed?  Choose what blends in with the rest of the furniture or theme for the space.  Due to the soft nature of wood  screws and joints may eventually come loose after expected wear and tear.  We all know the little ones always love to play around with kitchen stools.  In any event, the constant outward stress on the arms.  In contrast, metal bar stools which are welded at all joints are far less vulnerable to these problems.  Also consider the right fabric that might accentuate the decor of the space.

5. Price range

You've undoubtedly heard the phrase that you get what you pay for all your life.  However, you are in luck when it comes to buying kitchen stools.  Great bargains are available from £30 to £200. Normally, you can get good quality breakfast bar stools for around £39.  Ready to Assemble options are also available.  High quality breakfast bar stools and kitchen stools in general should not cost you a fortune, a £40 budget delivers numerous options for the right style, fabric and finish you like most.

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