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  • Commercial Bar Stools For The Hospitality Industry

    Furniture Bay have recently introduced a large range of contract bar stools to their existing portfolio of commercial seating. Have a browse through our vibrant and colourful range to find your next best bar stool.

    Wether you are shopping for your pub, bar, club or restaurant, Furniture Bay have a chair which would suit your vicinity. Our range of chairs are durable and versatile to ensure you get a long lifespan out of your furniture. They are designed to withstand the heavy use in a busy pub or at the bar of a hotel where people gather to unwind and relax by enjoying a drink or two.

    We have also introduced a range of commercial dining chairs to our portfolio of products; suitable for any type of venue within the hospitality industry. Browse the full range here. You can also find matching bar chairs to the contract seating on out online catalogue.

    If you need to discuss your existing or upcoming project with one of our friendly furniture specialists, please call 020 3394 0101.

  • Lying Down Work Chairs – The Next Big Thing at The Office!

    We live in the age of macro evolutions without paying much attention to them, from the way we conduct our day to day tasks to the accessories and tools we use to aid us throughout the day. Technology has grown leaps and bounds in the past five years and so has research on the effects of using technology on our life and wellbeing.

    The most evolved and yet demanding place in our day to day lives is at work in the office, and one of the most heavily invested part of many industries based on making work places most efficient, welcoming and comfortable for users. These days it seems that there is an ergonomic title attached to every product you see in the market, from Office chairs and office desks to office layout and even the mice and keyboards we use so much during our work.

    It’s been a long while since the office setup as we know it exists and ever since then innovators and researchers have been working hand to hand to make the life of us office workers easier. Said researchers have published their studies and it states that companies lose money in the form of compensation or sick pay for Musculoskeletal disorders caused by using inappropriate Office furniture and products to be a little more exact about £30 million worth of loss.

    Today Ergonomic technology has worked wonders, from the most comfortable keyboards and mouse designed especially for commercial use with dedicated buttons and layout to the most comfortable Office Chairs with all the gadgets and gizmos that come with them such as lumber support and three-way adjustability of the chairs along with sit-stand Desks which allows its user to move freely during working hours and by doing so putting very little strain on the body of its users.

    Taking responsibility towards the wellbeing of employees and encouraging efficiency as well as comfort at workplace, employers can enjoy up to 20% improved efficiency and productivity from their employees as well considerably reduced number of sick days and loss due the use of unfit furniture and equipment at work. But just like any other technological evolution the process never stops and now with the introduction of a new technology, office workers who spend long periods of time behind their desk will get to benefit more from ergonomically designed all in one solution.

    The Lying Down Work Chair is the next step in the evolution of workplace furniture and is designed to take up much less space compare to a standard cubical or a desk setup and provides much more comfort to the user. It incorporates everything that industry has learnt in terms of ergonomics required to provide the most comfortable and the least straining position to work from. Although to some it seems very exaggerated and excessive and it supports positions that may be perceived as impractical but same as all new products it needs its own evolution to be fully practical. The lying down work chairs arguably the next step of the evolution in office furniture solutions online or on the high street.

  • Tired of Uncomfortable Office Chairs? Try the New Mesh Office Chairs

    As a business of any size looking to make it to any size bigger, the very most important thing is to keep employees moral high and their work ethic ascending. The easiest way to ensure this without paying them more and allowing freedom of holidays is to service the employees’ needs for comfort. The human species craves comfort; it’s all the human mind seeks. An employee is a human being, and so an important aspect of keeping them happy is comfortable mesh office chairs. Your employees will thank you with excellent quarterly graphs.

    The reason why mesh office chairs have advantages over upholstered chairs is numerable from general comfort, to personalized adjustability.


    The mesh design on the chair's back enables airflow along an employee’s back, helping to keep employees cool as they sit and work. No-one likes a shirt sticking to a sweaty back as if they’d played tennis, without the benefits of playing tennis. By ventilating a person’s back, a mesh chair keeps that person cool, dry, and feeling fresh. Just as many people prefer to wear sandals in warm weather in order to keep their feet dry, employees prefer to sit in mesh chairs in order to keep their backs dry.

    Unique Style

    Mesh chairs have a modern look, thanks to their slim profiles, slick aerodynamic curves. No longer is it cool to sit in fat cushioned fabric office chairs. In a mesh office chair an employee will feel they are sitting down to do something important yet exciting and futuristic, and this delusion is great for moral. It is far better for an employee to feel they are sitting in something clean for eight hours, rather than simply bedding themselves in the sponge soaked scents of employees past.

    Support of Mesh Office Chairs

    Most mesh chairs have curved backs for ergonomically support for improved posture. The ergonomic design helps employees to stay comfortable during a working day, preventing the kind of back soreness that can negatively affect employees’ performances. Most mesh chairs are also highly adjustable and employees like being able to customize their chairs to fit their seating preferences.

    Wide Arrange of Seat-Back Heights

    Mesh chairs have three different options for seat-back heights: low-back, mid-back, and high-back.

    Low back office chairs usually end just below the employee’s shoulder blades for the type of work where employees are active at their desks and constantly leaning forward.

    Mid back mesh office chairs come up to the shoulders or just below and are for employees who type at computers throughout the day.

    High back office chairs will come up over the shoulders and feature a headrest. They tend to be executive chairs, adding additional comfort for meetings.

    Mesh Office Chairs High Adjustability

    Many mesh chairs are highly adjustable and this is important to providing enough support for employees. It can adjust to the height of the different leg lengths of all your employees, so you no longer have to diligently employ people with certain leg lengths.

    Some mesh chairs also feature adjustable seat-backs, enabling employees to slide them up and down along a rail. It may also possible to adjust the amount that employees can lean back in a chair as well as the heights of armrests. It should also be possible to adjust headrest levels for those chairs that have headrests.

    Ease of Rotation

    Many mesh chairs are able to rotate to some degree. Some may only turn 90 degrees to both the left and to the right (totaling 180 degrees), while others may be able to rotate the full 360 degrees.

  • Picking The Right Office Furniture for Your Small Home Office

    We live in the most innovative and inspiring era since the beginning of the modern technology when not much is required in terms of investment and workspace. Only this year alone more than 600,000 new businesses are set to launch according to telegraph; most of which would no doubt be small scale businesses and even home offices, where most innovative minds begin their journey to become entrepreneurs of the future. Surely we can all name many co-operations built from a small office or a garage workspace.

    More often than not what follows a great idea and a business plan is to fix-up a workspace where all the magic will take shape. But before you embark on your journey to success here are a few points to consider when arranging your small office.

    1. Budget wisely

    Small and star-up businesses more often face difficult decisions on budgeting and necessary investments for their business. Some times to ease the mind of investors and other times to budget for other expenses. But in most cases small initial budgets will cost the business more in long term and may even have health implications for you and your team. So budget wisely with all the following points in mind.

    2. Consider your Immediate and future needs

    Small offices and home offices are often designed and arranged in such a way that they multiple purposes are served in a small amount of space thus eliminating any unnecessary furniture, so thoughtfull and advance planning will pay dividend in the long run.

    Consider the nature of your business, does your business need more Office Chairs and Desks than Office Storage or does your business produces a lot of paperwork? Would you be taking a lot of meetings in your office?

    These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself while deciding your office furniture needs.

    3. Consequently, Future Proof your work space

    It is wise to look a few years ahead while planning to purchase for your office, sure there are many alternative and cheap options in the market and surely they will see to your immediate needs but keep in mind industrial grade furniture are built with certain standards considering the durability, comfort and ergonomics of workplace in mind.

    Thus expecting the evolution of your workspace with your business is a great way to reduce your overheads over time, whilst it is not necessary to break the bank to furnish your office with industrial grade furniture, it surely pays dividend to spend a little while researching companies providing great office furniture to smaller businesses.

    4. Functionality and Aesthetics

    As all entrepreneurs do, you must have a vision to where your company is headed; and during this era when brand awareness and brand image plays a big role in marketing your business, specially If you plan to take meetings with potential clients and future investors at your office, then it’s worth the time and the effort to decide on your company’s image and how you would furnish your office to represent that image.

    So simple colour coordination and a greatly planned office will most definitely demonstrate to your visitors of the level of your professionalism and attention to details and as a new business that effort will go that much further and will be much more effective. Keep in mind you can achieve the aesthetics without compromising functionality with industrial grade designed furniture.

    5. Consider your space

    The best way to arrange and decide on what you need to purchase, apart from your practical needs, is to consider your space.Most home and small offices present limitations and mostly it’s the lack of space that is most challenging.

    Measuring your space and adopting a space planning tool mostly provided free on web for basic usage will give you a much needed perspective which will guide you through your purchase process, this is a great time to compromise and eliminate unnecessary items on your list or even look for alternatives to perform multiple functionalities.

    6. Invest in your future

    Just as mentioned, considering the future of your business and your growth means that you may have to invest a little more than anticipated in your office furniture but rest assured if this decision in done considering all the points raised you will be saving money on future unnecessary purchases and replacement purchases.

    7. Environmental Impact

    Industry grade Furniture designers and manufacturers, design with the future in mind and environmental impact of their productions thus choosing the right office chairs UK supplier with the same values as your business will assure the least amount of environmental impact and help to portray your business as a new yet most responsible business towards environment and its footprints.

    In summary by considering all the points raised above you should be set to make the most educated and researched decision towards purchasing your office furniture. One last thing to consider when purchasing your products is to look for ergonomic solutions and furniture as studies have shown that furnishing your work place with ergonomic Office chairs and Desks and other ergonomic solutions will improve productivity by 20% and also will reduce any medical conditions caused by long-term use of unsuitable furniture at work place. Recommended office furniture UK suppliers who work closely with UK manufacturers are a great place to start your research.

  • Selecting The Right Office Chair To Circumvent Painful Backs

    Finding the right office chair for your body is important to your health and your work productivity. You want to ensure you remain comfortable for sitting long hours whilst ensuring your posture is correct to eradicate the negative side effects of slouching.


    An adjustable natural glide mechanism allows you to position yourself where you can see your work whilst removing stress on spine and sitting bones. Some ergonomic office chairs have a recline function in their back rest to allow for reclined sitting when the hip-to-back angle is greater than 90 degrees.

    Chair height

    For the correct chair height suited to your body size, sit with your feet flat to the ground or to a foot rest.  Your thighs must be parallel to the ground and forearms equally parallel to the work surface.

    If the seat is too high you will notice pressure on that cute area behind the knee where there is a risk of reduced blood circulation akin to sitting in an airplane seat for a long journey.

    Seat Depth

    The seat depth allows you to move seat back and forth to suit your leg length. If you sit too long you will tend to lean forward which causes your back to no longer be supported by the backrest creating strain on back and legs.


    The armrests should act as a continual support whilst working or resting with your elbows remaining in contact with the armrest at most times to offer some sort of platform foothold. The armrests job is to provide the level of proper arm height for your working environment in consideration of body size and desk volume, ensuring the forearms are parallel to the floor when typing or using the mouse.

    To know your ergonomic


    chairis right, your shoulders should not be hunched at any time as if you were always shrugging at your work. The armrests should offer the relaxation an expensive masseuse will inevitably have to iron out of you.

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    Lumbar support

    Office work has a higher risk to lower back pain than a manual labor job pulling up trees. A good ergonomic chair should be your friend and act as a weightlifting belt.

    Lower back should sit comfortably against the lumbar support. A well positioned and comfortable office chairs with prominent support improves focus whilst supporting the natural curve of the spine, providing support in the lower back


    A headrest allows the head to be supported when sitting in a reclined position in a Fabric office chairs. This is a useful feature if the majority of time is spent sitting in a reclined position for talking on the phone than typing.


    Always compare the price of ergonomic office chairs by looking at online, wholesale and office furniture stores to compare prices of chairs with the features you are looking for.


    Choosing the right style, colour and make of material is important as many ergonomic chairs come in different styles and materials. More modern options come as mesh back chairs, but suitably applicable options come as leather, fabric office chairs. fabric office chairs offer a better array of colour options if you have a specific office style.

    When selecting the right ergonomic office chair depends on what it will be used for based on your activities in it. Observing your day in your current office chair and forming a list of main daily tasks will help you choose the perfect ergonomic office chair.

  • Kitchen Stools - For Every Place, Decoration, and Face Lift

    Kitchen stools have an unfavorable reputation for being seen hanging around in kitchen areas lining up along tired wooden worktops or coffee stained breakfast bars. It’s an unfair assumption and naive ideology that stools belong in the kitchen. Kitchen stools need to be seen for what they truly are, and what the incredible versatility they can offer in an array of customizable designs to be used in a myriad of different areas, not just domestically, but industrially.

    The kitchen stools advantage and benefits it offers over the common everyday chair are thanks to its gas lift mechanism to offer adjustable height. It will provide access to an array of surface heights, 360 degree swivel action as well as wheels for movability and speed if in need for a hasty escape. The stool offers multi-purpose use which surpasses all other forms of seating with their negative limitations. It’s hard to believe that seating could have such negative limitations, but it can, and it does.

    The Bar

    In every bar in every town in every country across the land are bar chairs helping happy people sit at high level bars and eat from a bowl of peanuts. They save on space by hosting to lonely single patrons who would otherwise have to selfishly slouch at a table where a group of friends don’t want to join. Promoting open communication, they also allowed for users to talk easily with the barman along with other patrons, resulting in longer stays and enhanced sales. Range of eateries, from cafés and coffee shops to restaurants and nightclubs, commercial bar stools are widely used instead of, or as well as, chairs

    The Home

    In the opening to this article it was mentioned how the kitchen stool has been funnelled into being limited to kitchen work, with occasional bar work on the side. That's because they work perfectly in these scenarios. A stool will also be a great addition to a study, hobby room, or garage.

    The Exhibition Stands

    Kitchen stools are frequently used by sales reps at exhibition stands or small independent kiosks to help them connect with customers. The ease for a customer to be swooned in on to a stool at the sales reps plinth will keep the customer comfortable and at a reassuring ease where they don’t feel they are trapped or unable to leave like in a dentist chair or a plastic seat at a doctors surgery. As well as that, the sales rep can also sit comfortably for hours and ensure they maintain continual eye contact with all passers by without looking creepy.

    Modern look stools that can transform and entice a trendy bar do the same at exhibitions. The positive association people have with bar chairs and kitchen stools from positive moments of eating a croissant will make them more likely to agree to take a seat.

    The Medical Practices

    It is very often to see opticians, dentists, and brain surgeons as well as other medical practitioners using stools. The openness and movability of a padded chair without a back allows them to freely operate on a difficult wisdom tooth without bashing their elbow on a convoluted armrest.

    With the addition of adjustable height, they can find an ergonomic and comfortable seating position to work at, no matter the height or size of the patient.

    The Beauty and Hair Salons

    Hair stylists, beauticians and nail technicians all use stools similar stools for their practicality of use. Yet each uses a bar stool in different ways and for different purposes, the usability is all the same. The customer may be relaxed on a high back deep seated chair for ultimate relaxation experience to tell their gossiping friends. The technician would use a gas pump stool to adjust height to match that of the snoozing client.

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    Not only are they a technically sound choice for a beauty technician and hairdresser who can pivot themselves around the client like the earth around the sun cutting a bob and asking about the spanish weather, but stools can operate in a beauty salon the same way they would in a kitchen or bar to create a specific modern ambient scene.

    What's important to know is that it is easier to look cool in a stool than in an armchair. That's why the hero sits at the bar drinking a whisky. That's why boy bands sit on kitchen chairs to sing that ballad then step off in unison when they hit the rising verse.

  • How To Buy The Right Office Chairs For The Office

    There are a couple of things to look into when buying office chairs. When you think about it, employees will be sitting down at a desk for a large percentage of the day. People need to be comfortable in order to perform well. More and more people are booked off because of back problems related to bad posture, which can relate to the chair in which they are sitting at.

    Of course, you need to consider your budget, but you also need to ask yourself what is more important. You may want to think of quality and a one off cost before going to a second hand junk shop on the main street. One can't ignore ergonomic chairs based on their success rate relating to health. There are many different types around, so you can be sure to find an affordable price.

    There are a couple of different options available as office workers have begun to see. For example, the mesh office chairs will provide you with more air flow. This can be hugely beneficial in some areas where you don't have air conditioning. A simple thing like this can make a big difference. Some people even say a chair like this provides more air flow than air conditioning because it does not trap the air at the back where you are sitting.

    Many people enjoy the high back office chair, which are usually provided with a lot of padding for your back and neck. Some chairs like these can be customized with a lever, depending on how low or how far back you are most comfortable working. Make sure you find one that does not make you slouch because this will lead to bad posture. These are also affordable. Although these are great for people with bad backs and necks, you still need to get up every couple of minutes and have a walk around. Sometimes being too comfortable is never a good thing.

    Most businesses also want something that looks good. Aesthetics are always important when you are trying to impress clients. After all, this is the first impression that is going to count. Fortunately, these days, manufacturers not only focus on comfort, but also style, so there is a choice available. The way you arrange this will also create a certain amount of impact. It can even enhance the mood and the atmosphere of your working environment.

    You should take some time to decide on the design and theme of your office and your office chairs play a big role here. Keeping the furniture clean and maintaining them is obviously also important. Dust can gather very quickly, so one needs to watch out for this as it can lead to health complications.

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  • Bar Stools – Use Them to Bring the Family Together

    Bar stools can serve many useful and important purposes in a home. They might have a bigger impact on the way your home works and the way its residents use their living space than you think. Putting bar stools into your kitchen or any other appropriate room in your home can actually be a surprisingly effective way to bring your family together and increase the amount of quality time you spend with each other.

    Bar Stools: More Than Just Tall Chairs

    Obviously bar stools are not miracle-working tickets to a happier family, but they can do a surprising amount to help encourage your family to relax together. This is mainly down to the fact that there is a lot more than height to make bar stools different from other types of seating.

    The way we use bar stools is different from the way we sit on other types of chair, and psychologically the difference is even bigger. It is much easier to casually yet comfortably rest on a bar stool – only one step away from leaning – than to sit right down on a chair. There is a lot less effort involved in this than there is in pulling out a chair from beneath a table and sitting right down. As a result, it is rare for somebody to casually sit on a dining chair when they have a few spare minutes, but common for them to casually perch on a handy stool.

    How can This Bring Your Family Together?

    There are two ways that this can play a role in helping to bring your family together and encourage them to spend more quality time in each others company. One of these is almost a natural consequence of having Kitchen stools in home's most prominent kitchen island, Dinner and breakfast areas. People who are wandering about the house casually when they have some time they are not sure what to do with, or perhaps wandering into the kitchen for a quick snack, will find them a convenient place to sit and relax. As such, multiple family members may find themselves naturally gathering in the same convenient relaxing place and chatting instead of burying themselves in gadgets or – in the case of teenagers especially – keeping to their bedrooms.

    Another way in which kitchen stools can help to bring your family together is more deliberate, and that is introducing a modern variant of an old-fashioned sit-down mean. Proper sit-down meals of the traditional variety are rather too formal and time-consuming for modern tastes and lifestyles. However, kitchen stools and breakfast bar stools provide something similar, but more more easy, relaxed and well-suited to the pace of life today. This is the perfect way to encourage your family to enjoy meals together and spend time chatting as they eat without the off-putting formality of a full dining table.

  • Add a Bit of Comfort to Your Breakfast Using Bar Stools

    When you hear someone talking about bar stools, you immediately think of the tall stools that are always placed near the bar. You can find bar stools in all sorts of locations, from pubs to bars, and even clubs. Although their name suggests that these stools belong in a bar, there are a lot more options than you'd think.

    One of those options is the kitchen. Depending on your kitchen layout and furniture, there are more than just a few ways to fit at least a couple of bar stools in it. Kitchen islands are becoming a very popular trend, gaining attention especially in the past few years. They make cooking and storing food and utensils a lot easier. But you don't want to crowd your kitchen island with normal chairs. Those would take up too much space.

    That's where the bar stool comes in. Using them as kitchen stools doesn't only have a visual impact on your kitchen, it is also practical. Choosing the right type of kitchen stool opens up a few possibilities. Your kids can use them to do their homework on the kitchen counter. You can use them as extra seating at the dining table when you have more than just a few guests. Finally, you can use them for that casual dinner when you're just too tired to set up the table.

    Our busy lives don't always leave us with enough time for a proper breakfast. Most modern living areas have a designated dining room. That's great for lunch and dinners, but what about breakfast? It's only the most important meal of the day. Having a couple of breakfast bar stools is your best choice if you're not a morning person. Just pick some stuff from the fridge, put them on the counter and sit on your incredibly comfortable kitchen stool. Comfort and practicality are the keys to the perfect breakfast bar stools.

    Now that you know that bar stools can be used outside the bars, and you want to buy some for your kitchen, it's time to think about design. There are many colors and designs that you can choose from. However, not every piece of your kitchen furniture has to have the same make and design. That's why you can pair metal kitchen stools with wooden counters without too much fuss. Your only concern should be to buy the stools that are the most comfortable. If you're going to use them, you might as well be comfortable when doing so. So do yourself a favor and go shopping! Your spouse, your kids, and your guests will thank you later.

  • Kitchen Stools- A Great Experience For The Morning Toast

    Whether you have a kitchen island, breakfast bar or a kitchen counter that allows for sitting room, kitchen stools are a stylish, comfortable options for your kitchen seating arrangements. The kitchen is becoming the most commonly used room in many households and is the prime setting for guest to mingle, so it should have some seating options. Ordinary dining chairs are too bulky and get in the way quite easily in the smaller spaces of a kitchen, but the are a variety of kitchen stoolsyou can choose to incorporate into your kitchen space.

    Kitchen Stool Styles You Should Consider:

    Country Style-

     The Country Style kitchen stools tend to have a backrest in the design. Most are commonly found with a Windsor back, which is curved with vertical slats. These stools are made out of a variety of wood types and are perfect for the country style or rustic kitchen settings.

    Tiki Style-

    These bar stools will add a lot of character in your kitchen. Typically designed with wicker seat and backs a Tiki style stool is great for those wanting to bring a tropical feel to their kitchen.

    Mid-Century Style-

    The mid-century style stool can be found in a number of colors from black and white to orange and blues. They offer a comfy cushion seat with a lipped backrest.

    Saddle Style-

    If you want to find bar stoolsthat give you extra space to rest on, then the saddle style can be perfect for you. These designs feature a rectangular or longer seat.

    Scandinavian Styles-

    For a simple stool the Scandinavian styles is perfect for you. The design is sleek and can be found with a low back feature.

    Barrel Style-

    Most Barrel style stools are hand crafted and resemble a barrel. The seats are typically round with bowed or barreled legs.

    Rustic Styles-

    Rustic style stools add a natural outdoors element to your kitchen area. They come in a variety of designs and can have different back designs as well. The most common rustic style bar stools will have higher backs and feature exposed wood. You can easily have upholstery added onto the seat and backs for additional comfort.

    Contemporary Styles-

    You cannot go wrong with contemporary style kitchen stools. These design feature unique lines but are simple and come in a number of colours.

    Coastal Styles-

    These bars stools are often found in faded gray colors or reclaimed wood. Coastal style stools also offer wicker features in the design as well.

    Whether you are looking to add a little bit of country flare or want to add a classic contemporary feature to your kitchen there are a number of bar stools you can choose from to do just that. From high backs to no backs the options you have in your kitchen stools are quite limitless. Choose one of these bar stool styles to start your mornings off right everyday.

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