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Breakfast bar stools - kitchen comfort that hits new heights

Kitchen stools see plenty of traffic, from noisy friends enjoying some pre-dinner bubbles to hungry children wolfing down their breakfast cereals. In a commercial environment, we’re talking even more bums on seats. With such regular use, it’s clear that your bar stools need to be durable enough to stand the test of time. But function doesn’t have to come at the expense of style.

Furniture Bay offers a huge range of high-quality breakfast bar stools that offer style and substance. Many of those in our collection are upholstered in faux-leather, which gives them a lavish look while remaining practical, durable and comfortable. Our stools come in a range of colours and designs. From swooping modern curves to classic high padded backs and everything in between, we cover all bases.

You can be sure that whichever breakfast bar stool design you choose, it will be affordable and built to last. Our stools will even stand up to the demands of any busy bar or restaurant. In a busy business environment, long-term reliability and durability of your stools is paramount because they see so much action. A constant flow of customers will create a lot more wear and tear than any home furniture is likely to see. Our stools are built to stand up to the rigours of business use effortlessly, giving your customers a secure place to sit for years to come.

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50 Item(s)