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Bar stools and kitchen stools

Stools are the social centre of countless kitchens, bars and restaurants. They’re the places where conversations are started among families, friends and strangers. So they should really be a talking point themselves. Furniture Bay has a stunning range of bar stool and

kitchen stools

to choose from that can add colour, texture and character to your bar, restaurant or kitchen design.

Whether it's for your business or home, making the right choice of stool can bring big advantages. Your family and your customers alike appreciate being able to sit comfortably and relax on the right kitchen chair or dining chair, and this will keep them happily coming back to take their seats again and again. The right stool design can also do a lot to complement your décor and create the right aesthetic for your room or business premises.

About Furniture Bay's Kitchen Bar Stools

Our bar stools are manufactured from top-grade materials and are built to last, so your family or customers will be happily drinking, eating and chatting on them for years to come. We have something to suit any room design, whether you want a colourful statement piece that will stand out or something that blends into a more muted scheme. Our advice would be to measure the height of your counter tops and choose bar chairs and breakfast bar stools that will give your guests enough room to relax without crushing their thighs or bumping their knees. All the dimensions of our products are available in our product descriptions. It’s high time you jumped on board.

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